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Thomas Tettey Annang is a professional drummer and dancer from Ghana based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Carrying out programs, workshops and tuition classes across the entirety of the UK and Ireland.

 He has been a member of the Akrowa Dance Ensemble in Accra, Ghana for nine years. Akrowa Dance Ensemble is a professional group of drummers and dancers who have performed for many occasions (weddings, funerals, festivals, local and tourist entertainment) and in a multitude of establishments including schools, hotels, the National Theatre of Accra, the Canadian, Brazilian and Danish Embassies, the American Consulate and the UN, to name but a few.

He has played lead and support on a range of African drums and performed various dances. Thomas has taught drumming and dancing in local schools and to professional musicians from all around the world.

Since moving to Northern Ireland, Thomas has become involved with many local bands performing on a variety of percussion instruments. He provides a showcase of West African percussion and dance for the UK charity L.M.N. (Live Music Now) and delivers specifically tailored drumming and/or dance workshops throughout the community and schools across Northern Ireland.

Thomas collaborates with charity organisation Beyond Skin and Belfast music ensemble The Motion Project. One current venture with Beyond Skin involves the development of a Traditional West African Drumming Group – Northern Ireland’s very own Akrowa!

Thomas teaches Traditional African drumming and dance on all levels and any scale – within in the local communities of Belfast, in schools and offers tuition/lessons for individuals, couples or even a small number of people.

We’re proud of the reputation that Thomas Annang Drumming & Dance has gained throughout the years - for a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students from around the world.

Thomas Annang Drumming & Dance is an ideal Music School for students to prepare for a career in the industry. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to find out about our programs, admissions and more.

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